Srirangam Temple

Srirangam Temple Srirangam temple Sri Raganatha swami is blessing in three different islands of the holy river Cauvery. It flows from Karnataka to Tamilnadu. The first island is Sriranga Patinam and it is called Aathirnagam (Origin of Rangam), located in Mysore (125 km distance from Bangalore to Mysore route). The second island is Sivanasha Samuthiram and it is called Mathiyarnagam (Middle of Rangam), situated 70 km distance from Srirangapatinam. The third island is Thiru navalantheevu and it is called Srirangam and also called Antharngam (last part of Rangam - meaning of heaven) is situated in Tamilandu, Trichirappalli district, India. Sriranagm temple is 7 km away from the Trichirappalli Junction (in the south 321 km from Chennai and in the north east 200 km from Madurai approximately). Srirangam can be reached by bus and train (International airport is also available in Trichy). This prehistoric architectural temple welcomes all pilgrims and tourists with open arms.[ edit ]


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