Srirangam Parking Areas

Srirangam Tourist Bus Parking:

All the tourist bus should park near Amma mandabam road upto mambala salai before.


Srirangam Car Parking:

Tourist people should park their car West uthra street and east uthra street thease street is very near to srirangam temple entrance.


Srirangam Two wheeler Parking:

Local and tourist people can park their vehicles in srirangam temple parking area per vehicle INR.5.



Foot  wears not allowed to inside the temple tourist can keep their foot wears in  Srirangam temple outside don’t forget to get the token for your foot wear .


Srirangam amma mandabam road srirangam parking place uthara street near to temple
  • Srirangam Tourist Bus Parking Area - Amma mandabam road
  • Srirangam tourist Car parking Area -Uthra street.


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