Srirangam's puja

Srirangam puja flowersThe Srirangam puja rites built up in ancient times have been preserved at Srirangam; both the form of worship and the ceremonies still follow fairly closely the instructions recorded in the chronicle of the srirangam temple.

Every day the srirangam temple opens at 6.45 a. m. and the priests in charge and the personnel begin their duties. A cow and one of the srirangam temple elephants are brought near the sanctuary and made to stand in such a way that they face each other while looking towards the holy of holies. At the same time a supply of sacred water drawn from the Koleron is carried by two of the serving priests and poured -into the five ritual vessels kept in the sanctuary. The door of the sanctuary' padlocked at night, is then opened, the premises carefully cleaned, and the lamps fitted with wicks and filled with oil . The curtain hiding the sanctuary from view remains drawn.

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