Srirangam Alvars

Srirangam Alvar Ramanujar

Aalvaars have not just eulogized the Lord Renganathar. But they have immensely exhibited the nectar like sweetness of the Tamil language by praising the Lord in their poems. It is very tough to determine, whether the Aalvaars enjoyed the richness of Tamil or the uniqueness of Sri Renganatha. Tamil bore the 12 Aalvaars (because the births of these Aalvaars were unnatural. Most of them were not born by man-woman relationship. Some of them were found as infant on leaves of tree and flower and one was found from the ground. So undoubtedly Tamil language became the mother of all the Aalvaars) to sing the praise of Sri Renganathar; but Sri Renganathar turned them to adorn and honour their mother language by admiring their thousands of poems in different elegant styles. [ edit ]



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