Pongal 2023

Pongal 2023

Pongal is celebrated by the all over the world by indains and tamil people. This year 2023 the pongal fall on

Jan 15th2023, Sunday

Pongal nalla neram (pongal vaika nalla neram) : 11.45 am to 12.45pm

Pogi Pongal- January 14th 2023

Mattu Pongal(thiruvaluvar thinam)- January 16th 2023

Kanum Pongal (ulavarthirunal)- January 17th 2023

Pongal Festival


Pongal  is four days of giving thanks to four great forces of powers and defence: Indra, the giver of rain; Surya, the Sun; gracious cattle and beloved people. This happy occasion is known as Makara Sankranti by Noth Inians, Pedha Panduga among the Telugus and Lohri by Punjabis. It happen day between January 13 and 15. This is a special time of giving blankets, pumpkins,sugarcane and other items to the poor. Married women are honoured, and gifts are given to newborn children. Pongal is the Hindus Festival not New Year, In our India Bengal and other North State people are celebrating this Festival as a New Year called Makara Sankaranti . As per Astrology We have three Ayanam. Ayanam is a path of the Eart’s moves on the ecliptic path. These ayanams are classified as bellow

1. Uthrayanam (Vaigasi, aani, aadi,Aavani)
2. Poornayanam (Chithirai,Puratasi,Ipasi,Panguni)
3. Datchinayanam (Karthigai,Margalai,Thai,Masi)

Our Tamil panjangam is orthodox, more than twenty two thousand years old and Explains this issues exactly. The very nearest Distance between the Sun (Suriyan) and Earth (boomi) is called tamil new year on the Month Chithirai. Earth is Rotated around the Sun from a Minimal distance to Maximum Distance, small distance is called starting point it falls on the Chithirai Month. When earth is on the Poornayanam (minimal distance) we feel the sun’s hot climate and another on the Datchinayanam time we feel the cold climate.  

The Pongal festival is falls on Datchinayanam and it is a famer’s festival thanks give to suryan and cow. Thisday people used to cook Pongal with new rice, moong dal, Jaggery ,Cow Gee and milk. People are liked share sweets and new cloths to others, and they eat pongal with sugarcane (karumbu). Pongal is long festival having four day celebration.

Titbits About Pogi – First Day

One day before festivities initiated, Hindus carefully clean their homes, neglect unwanted, damaged or broken items and obtaining replacements for the year ahead. This clears away fusty, negative energy and brings an influx of lively blessings into the home. It is a time for clearing the mind as well, to begin the year with focus and confidence. On this
day, Indra, the celestial power of lightning and rain, is worshiped.

Titbits About Pongal – Second Day

Women draw patterns on the floor called kolam or rangoli using coloured rice flour, depicting the Moon and the Sun in a chariot. Prayers are directed to Surya, the Sun, with offerings of newly harvested sugarcane and vegetables. The core event happens at sunrise when everyone gathers in a vibrantly decorated compound where newly harvested rice is cooked with milk in a new pot. The moment the pot boils over, all sing loudly, ‘Pongalo Pongal!’ (“It’s boiling over! Along with Health and wealth”). All observe to see whether the froth overflows toward the East, which auspiciously indicates abundance for the year ahead. Conches are sounded and children dance for joy. A portion of the boiled rice, the season’s first food, is offered to Mother Earth as a sign of thanks, and to all creatures and nature spirits. The remains are eaten by the families. Wearing new clothes, families visit one another, exchanging gifts and enjoying feasts.

Titbits About Mattu Pongal – Third Day

Hindus offer thanks to cattle, the farmer’s gracious helpers. Bulls and cows are lovingly decorated with cowry shells, embroidered shawls, colourful ropes and bells. They are fed sweet rice and sugar cane.  It is also called Tiruvalluvar Day or Tiruvalluvar dinam, in honour of the author of the famed ethical scripture Tirukural.

Titbits About Kaanum Pongal or Ulavarthirunal–Fourth Day

On the fourth day, relatives and other animals are honoured. It is a day for picnic outings and family visits. Jallikattu played by young males on this day.