Vinayagar Chaturthi 2023

Vinayagar Chaturthi 2023 Festilval date and details

Vinayagar Chaturthi is celebrated by the all over the world by indains. This year 2023 the Vinayagar Chaturthi is fall on

September 18th 2023, Monday

Nalla Neram :Morning 9.15 AM - 10.15 AM, Evening 4.45 PM - 5.45 PM

Titbits About Vinayagar Chaturthi


Vinayagar Chaturthi is one of the Hindu festivals it is honoured by a public holiday for all over India. Vinayagar Chaturthi is a three days festival in Tamilnadu and other states are celebrated ten-days as a festival falls on the fourth day after the new moon with Tamil month of Avanai or August/September in English, Big puja rituals are held in Hindu temples around the world honouring Vinayagar, the kind, elephant-faced Lord of barrier. In millions of home shrines, worship is also offered to a clay image of Vinayagar that the family makes or obtains. At the end of days, Hindus join in a grand parade, called visarjana in Sanskrit, to a river, temple tank, lake or seashore, where His image is ceremonially dip or submerge in the water.; representing Vinayagar’s merging into universal realization.

Fabulous foods are specially prepared for Vinayagar, keeping in mind His elephantine nature and abnormal hunger. People offer famous rice based sweet is called Kolukattai and several varieties of fruits such as mangos, bananas and sugarcane. Sweets are the elephant-headed Deity’s delight, so to express their love families take great pains to make special tasty treats. Each family has its recipes.

Now here is Vinayagar Chaturthi observed with more creativity and enthusiasm than in Mumbai, India. The city virtually shuts down as millions of Hindus celebrate.