Srirangam Bramorchavam panguni

Every year three Bramorchavams are celebrated in the months of Thai (January), Panguni (March) and Chithirai (April). First Bramorchavam is in the month of Panguni. This festival is celebrated by Bramma (God of creation) and it is called Aadhi Bramorchavam. During this festival Sri Ranganatha swami will be giving blessings to his devotees along with his wife Sri Ranganachyar on the star utra Natchahiram. The second Bramochavam is during the “car festival” (to lead the life peacefully) is celebrated every year in the month of April/May (Tamil month: Chithirai). This is called Chithirai festival. The third Bramochavam is in the month of Thai. Ramar had celebrated a festival in Ayodhi for remembering Sriranganathar. This festival is called Boopathi festival. The wife of Srirenganathar is also called Boomadevi.

In Tamil ‘Pathi ‘means "Husband" Booma + pathi becomes Boopathi festival.