Srirangam Temple Sanctuary

Srirangam Temple SanctuaryIn spite of the aid given to the Chalukya Cholas by the Hoysalas of Maisur (Mysore), King Pandya Maravarman Sundara I (1216-1238) captured the Karntaka; and in the ninth year of his reign his armies liberated the temple of Srirangam from the Ganga occupation.

But the Hoysalas had also taken an interest in the srirangam temple, and left behind many inscriptions. One can justifiably attribute to them the gift of a garden in 1240 (the sixteenth year of the reign of Somesvara, 1234-1262), of a sala in the third enclosure, and, according to the chronicle of the temple, of several endowments by two brothers, who were generals of Ramanatha (1263-1297). One of the prettiest sanctuaries of Srirangam, that of Venugopala Krishnan, dates from this time.

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